Shop in UK and USA web shops & get it delivered to your doorstep via global virtual addresses

Your Personal Shopper enables you to get your parcel forwarded and to purchase any product from UK & USA online shops regardless where you are in the world! We meet this promise by providing you global virtual addresses, individual customer service, and delivery & package forwarding service. We purchase, check, store, consolidate, pay, repack & ship your items, and take over customs handling & the preparation of customs documents.

Package Forwarding Service – how it works:

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  • Sigh up! Get your forwarding address to use our forwarding service! When you shop online, enter your new virtual forwarding address as your YPS delivery address at checkout. We provide you with a home address (not a post box address) as your new delivery address in UK & USA, which you can use as your “shipping address” for all your online purchases.
  • Your global virtual addresses are actually our warehouse address, where we check, store, consolidate your items and repack before we forward them to you. Learn more about our virtual addresses.
  • We inform you when your order has reached our warehouse. Either we forward directly drop shipping) or whenever you want them forwarded.
  • You will receive your items within 3-12 business days,

What makes us stand out as an international package forwarding company?

Low shipping rates

Simple, transparent and inexpensive cost structure: you only pay when we ship your parcels. For shipping, we have very affordable cost – worldwide!

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Shipping Cost Calculator

Estimate your shipping charges before buying in the international market. It’s easy, transparent and shows all charges; no surprises, no hidden fees. You can either use our shipping cost calculator to automatically estimate your rates, or send us a request for non-standard items.

Free global virtual addresses

Your virtual shipping address is a pure home address and actually the start for your parcel forwarding service! Your personal shopper shipping addresses are our warehouse, where we check, store, consolidate and repack your items before forwarding.

Insured Quality& Express Shipment

Thanks to our trusted global shipping partners OCS, PBT, Trans Royal, Omniva, Cpost, and KAAB. We provide short and predictable international door-to-door shipping periods. We provide fair rates. We will be insured and forwarded in the fastest and cheapest way possible for items such as clothes, bags, shoes, handbags, jewelry, electric tool, computer, mobiles etc. Check the details »Top Shops:  (just an extract of your shops in USA and UK, you can shop at here.)

Shop International Brands you love and have them delivered right to your doorstep

We have come into the world to the 21st Century. With technological signs of progress and globalization, there are more options for Shop International Brands and choosing the style of fashion we truly desire. For those who are on top of the fashion industry, they know that it was difficult to keep up with every style of clothing, bags, jewelry, household items, electronic times and other gadgets. To obtain every materialistic object was almost impossible. Therefore, technological advances and globalization give fashion lovers more selections and varieties that they can purchase.

With a new fashion coming out every week, it is hard to keep up with the best fashion when it becomes released to the market. It’s just progressing too speedily for people to be able to even know each fashion that ever came in. There are too many to choose from. Jewelry, on the other hand, is something that we can buy it for special occasions. Clothes, in particular, are reused often for special occasions that we can buy quickly through globalization and latest technology. However, electronics and household items have a wide range of products. People are always thinking of better designs for the Electronics and more efficient household items. This may change where people want to buy their items from International Brands. Electronics and household items also vary from season to season.

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Technology and Globalization are possible to keep up grow of online shopping. Money is scarce. Comparing to the things people want, the money they earn is not enough to get all the things from international brands that they desire because online shops charge high shipping rate to them delivered right to your doorstep.  For this, we need to join your personal shopper online service. Many people live in those countries where online shops do not ship; they would buy something in order to feel better about themselves. Your personal shopper allows people to think twice of when purchasing anything and shipping anything. That is because YPS is here to Shop International Brands you love and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It is possible to collect and buy many different things in the world.

Ship & Shop International Brands with Personal shopper globally

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  • Shop in the UK or USA as if you lived there using your virtual shipping address. All you need to do is sign up to YPS. We take care of the rest and deliver your shopping to your doorstep!
  • Once your order has shipped to your virtual shipping address or arrived at our international shipping center, you will receive an email alert. Simply log into your account and pay for the international shipping cost.
  • Your order will then be shipped to your home address via OCS, PBT, Trans Royal, Omniva, Cpost, or KAAB. Thanks to our partnership with them, your items will be delivered to your doorstep in only 3-12 business days. You can track your packages online as they make their way to you.

Shop Globally – How It Is Expanding and What the Future Is For E-Commerce

The international market is experiencing a rise in e-commerce. A huge number of people are now using the internet for their shopping needs. Different countries have consumer oriented markets thanks to the availability of internet. The internet shopping trend in the world reflects consumer preferences as far as variety and convenience go. Online systems and Shop globally has led many businesses to offer their goods and services online to match the preferences of the customers. Smartphones are now being used to make purchases and conduct online transactions.

Considering that most of the countries of the world have the very high perception of smartphone use, more customers are moving from visiting the stores for their purchases and are instead going online for the same. The payment methods offered online are secure and hence there are no security concerns for most shoppers using the medium. Studies for Shop globally in the online markets show that a huge percent of consumers are using the online international platform to find what they are looking for. Below we have rounded up some factors that can make global shopping attractive.

Factors making global shopping attractive;

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  1. Convenience is, without doubt, the biggest factor in Shop globally. Customers have an easy time browsing products, reading reviews and even comparing prices, quality before placing orders. The convenience does not end there because they can also have the items delivered to where they are with very affordable shipping rate. They don’t need to move from their homes or offices to purchase what they need.
  2. Trust is another factor that has contributed to the increase in worldwide shopping. Most online stores offer excellent customer service and customer support enabling the international customers to feel secure when making online transactions from other countries. They can ask as many queries as possible to gain trust with the company before making transactions. Most of the online shops are putting in measures to build the trust between them and the customers. There are many reputable and reliable sites.
  3. Technological awareness has also played a role in the attractiveness of online shopping. Smartphones have taken the place of shoppers and considering that they are more reasonable, a large number of customers can access the internet without any problem.
  4. Product quality and variety has also seen an increase in the popularity of virtual shopping. Buyers understand the importance of quality and getting the best quality every time and they, therefore, love the fact that they can look at what the different stores and brands have to offer before they buy. Best quality makes it possible for them to get high-quality products at affordable costs. They are not limited to specific products in one shop as it is usually the case with offline shopping.
  5. Round the clock, shopping makes it attractive. Shoppers are not time limited because the online shops remain open round the clock. They can shop at any given time and from any given place.

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The future looks bright for the global market and your personal shopper is improving e-commerce process. As the competition grows among businesses, YPS come with excellent customer service that offers worldwide shopping and shipping of customer satisfactions. Only this one that focuses on customer needs and experience will stay afloat in the global market competition.

On the other hand, consumers can only expect shopping experiences to get better and better as the days go by as businesses struggle to offer more convenience in finding and purchasing products or hiring services. It is finest way for every online brand to winning customer loyalty to continue enjoying increased sales with their online platforms. Online shopping in has become the norm. With the excellent online services, it is very reliable and most convenient for customer needs. Its trend can only give better with continued developments.

Shop Online & Ship To Curacao

We’re Curacao partner through the entire shopping and shipping process. Shopping at any UK or USA online store is easy with help from Your Personal Shopper. We’re proud to bring you fast ship to Curacao with top quality service at the lowest rates possible. Because we’re shipping a large amount of goods globally, we’re able to secure affordable rates from our courier partner (CPOST). Here are some ways you can save your money and time:

Many popular websites won’t ship to the Curacao. Your Personal shopper is here to make that possible. Border-free shopping is easy YPS:

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  • Become a member to join us and you will instantly get your very own virtual shipping address and then we ship items from merchants to your doorstep. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.
  • Shop online (even shop at websites that may not directly ship to Curacao) and use your YPS address as the “ship to” address when you purchase.
  • All of your purchases will arrive at your mailing address within our Curacao -based warehouse
  • We reship your packages speedily to your doorstep in Curacao.
  • Let Start shopping today! Shop online at your favorite stores, or for the best deals and exclusive YPS-members offers, visit the wide selection of our recommended shops.
  • Our goal is to keep global shipping simple by bringing together great customer service with inexpensive shipping rates.

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Become our member and start enjoying the benefits today;

We offer True Price – straightforward, weight-based pricing that saves you money. How much can you save? Use our shipping calculator to your home page.  We understand that you want your packages to reach as soon as you order them. Most packages received at our warehouse in Curacao speedy because YPS is processed that very same day. We also work with the very best courier company (Cpost International service) to ensure that your purchases not only reach fast but securely and in one piece. We have delivery options to fit every need, including low-cost shipping with an average delivery time of 5 to 8 business days, and express shipping with an expected delivery time of 2 to 4 business days. Choose the shipping option that fits your timeframe and budget and leave the rest to us.

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With your virtual address, shopping from the international market has come easy. Simply go to your favorite online stores, select your products for purchase and use your own address or suite as your shipping address. As soon as your package is received, we inspect it and prepare it for shipping. Your item is then flown to your country, cleared through customs and delivered to your door within 3- 5 business days. CPOST will pick up your packages and deliver to your home step.

CPOST International service takes care of the rest. Coastal notify you when your package arrives at its warehouse in Curacao. It delivers your package right to your doorstep in the Caribbean—usually in less than 48 hours!

Get YPS Shipping Addresses Now

The shipping address is where you want delivers items. A shipping address gives you presence in the foreign market without the cost of infrastructure.   The seller must ship to the address on the payment. You are given the opportunity to confirm or change an address when you pay, you need to make sure you get it right.

How Shipping Address is Collected from the Customer?

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As the shop admin, YPS will need the shipping address of the customer to ship physical products to doorstep. PayPal or Credit card handles the shipping address collection and will email you with postage information after a payment so you can ship the product.

This is how it works:

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To bring the wonderful world online shopping, all you need to register online for a personal shopper. Once you registered, you get its distribution warehouses virtual addresses in China, Europe, and the United States and other geographic pivots to speedily transport to around the globe and then we deliver them to where you live at reasonable shipping rates.

YPS is one of the best and most experienced shipping sites, in future we will be at the heart of the world, and will build up an excellent reputation for delivering modified services of the highest quality products. The site is continuing to add useful content to make a friendly shipping point for worldwide users. It is the value that customers enable YPS to maintain the Professionals international shipping. The Professionals’ shipping means that its delivery process to the most stringent quality standards and secure.

It is really a good way of shipping in the secure environment at you define shipping point. Your personal shopper has primary aimed shop & ship at your doorstep, In the circumstance, you can use its virtual dresses to bring the things at very low rate, if your store does not provide shipping facility. There is the best facility of ship products at an affordable rate as compare your purchase’s store. The Shipping costs calculate according to the package’s weight.  It makes shipping easy!

How A Personal Shopper Help You Save Time, Feel Fantastic And Look Great

If you want to purchase some outfits from the international market and need inspiration for an image renovation, a personal shopper is an answer. Personal shoppers are experts in latest style and fashion, both new and classic designers and have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

A personal shopper can help you to buy your wardrobe and look at which clothes flatter your body shape, which colors suit your complexion and what style you are looking for whether it be classic or funky. With the vast involvement and information of UK high street designers and stores, they can support you to save time searching for the right clothes to wear from international market whether it’s for a style casual or a special occasion. We are rounding up how a personal shopper helps to buy the product.

Save Time

Personal shoppers help you to save you time trudging around the shops yourself with only an unclear idea of what you’re viewing and they cut out the horror of getting home and questioning why you bought half a dozen deals which you’ll never wear.

If you love shopping then the involvement will be never better with the advice and existence of your personal shopper, if you dislike clothes shopping but want to appearance great then you’ll be happy because you will be able to get the wardrobe you need in half the time with your personal shopper.

Capsule Wardrobe

Once you see that your personal shopper has created your capsule closet which will be chosen to suit your lifestyle whether you stay at home or a high-flying executive in social work, you’ll know which accessories or shoes to purchase to make sure you are on trend every season. But you will always have your capsule wardrobe to fall back on when you’re not feeling great or don’t have time to think about over which clothes to wear each day.

Some factors which they will look at will include your lifestyle,  your budget, your body shape, which style you are looking for and complexion so they can suit your new clothes perfectly to your life.

Fashion Designers

These fashion professionals can also look at joining designer items from the likes of Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood, to add some luxury to your new wardrobe and to make you feel like a million dollars person.

If there’s no way your budget can expanse to designer items, then personal shoppers know how to mimic the latest design trends with related items from the foreign high street because it’s their job to know these things.

Hollywood Stars

Hollywood stylish designer is responsible for many stars wardrobes, including Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson. She refers to her customers to find out what they want from their closets then dresses them in wonderful outfits which set new trends. So if the stars need a little help with their style, so why shouldn’t you?

Conclusion for Reader:

The personal shopper has experienced major changes and patches up to offer better services over the time for International shipping. Shipping services these days include buying, package and handling of materials, no matter what is the type of materials their packaging expert’s take care of every good before the delivery at your doorstep. Now day international shipping is also offering services that help customers to keep the tab on the tracking of their shipment.

Superb MP3 Players For Music Lovers

When you are cross border shipping and shopping for an MP3 player, you must consider carefully about the quality and the size of your digital music collection. If you have bought most of your favorite music tracks from iTunes or other popular platforms, there’s not a need to splurge on an audiophile-grade player. But, if you have lost a lot of music file and don’t want to compromise on audio quality, you should consider a more upmarket player with advanced DAC and circuitry inside it.

1- Pono Music PonoPlayer



Piano Music PonoPlayer  has designed with high-res audio playback in mind, the player can support popular lossless file set-ups, and delivers the excellent audio quality player to go with its pleasantly quirky design.

2- Apple iPod Touch (6th generation) mp3 player


Apple iPod Touch is easily the most enjoyable MP3 player available on the digital market. Sporting the same processor as the iPhone 6, an 8MP camera, a 4-inch Retina display, and iOS, the player will not only play video and music, it also gives users access to the same apps and games available for the iPhone or iPad.

3- Onkyo DP-X1 mp3 player


The Onkyo DP-X1 mp3 is a solid contender. In addition to packing dual headphone amps and DACs, the device is also a connectivity powerhouse with two audio jacks (2.5 and 3.5 millimeters), as well as the features of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It runs Android, so users can easy install their favorite apps, and stay on top of their social networking profiles while rocking out.

4- Sony NWE 395 mp3 player


This one is a solid and affordable MP3 player, whose battery can go up to 35 hours on only a single charge. Other key features included an FM radio, Apple iTunes integration and with up to 16GB of storage.

5- Astell&Kern AK Jr mp3 player


The AK Jr features includes a Wolfson WM8740 x1 DAC, a10-band equalizer, as well as the beautiful brushed aluminum body. Other hardware specs features of the device include the 3.1-inch touchscreen, a memory card slot, 64GB of built-in memory, and Bluetooth connectivity.

6- SanDisk Clip Sport


The SanDisk Clip Sports mp3 player is cute, colorful, and incredibly compact. It is also affordable. Key features included; a 1.44-inch color display, FM radio, and expandable memory. It can deliver it functionality up to 25 hours of playback on a single charge.

7- FiiO X7 mp3 player


The FiiO X7 MP3 player is even more capable than its considerable price tag suggests.  It has come in addition to delivering the metal-clad device features expandable memory, and a massive 3,500 mAh battery, stellar audio quality, and handy external controls. The X7 runs Android, so it can an easy to navigate user interface.

8- FiiO M3 mp3 player


It is a compact and affordable MP3 player with solid audiophile credentials. The specification includes a 2-inch color display,  power headphones with up to 100 Ohms of impedance, play high-quality audio in lossless file format,  8GB of onboard memory, and a microSD card slot for easy expansion.

9- Sony Walkman NW-ZX2


The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 runs Android, so you can play games and install apps on it too. It’s another ultra-premium offering with high-res audio playback support, intuitive controls, the NW-ZX2 has a cool metal body, amazing sound quality, and stellar battery life.

10- Apple iPod Nano (7th generation) mp3 player


Apple’s most adept iPod nano to date, the seventh generation features includes a 2.5-inch touchscreen, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and support for video playback. It is an excellent pick for casual users, it comes bundled with Apple EarPods and weighs only a tad above 1 ounce.

Conclusion for Reader!

The first and the most important thing to buy any Digital MP3 player its protection from cross border shipping. No matter if your online shops does not proved shipping service, we are here to keep your product safe is crucial to its shipping life.

Shopping and Shipping Across Borders Today!

Shipping to the high quality board brands are just so near darling, it’s all about the online marketplace with the very latest chic products. Your Personal Shopper is seriously big business and this fact has all now understood the importance of shop and  ship at your doorstep.

A lot of online stores offer delivery and returns but honestly, they charge so effective cost that this wouldn’t encourage you to buy something from that site. Your personal shopper is all about affordable shipping, so you can get the best, cheapest or quickest service around the whole world in the comfortable environment. A personal shopper can be a nice and convenient addition to your daily life. There are obvious benefits to online shop and ship;

  • Want to shop and ship from the U.S., U.K., or worldwide brands? YPS help to buy what you love from online retailers and have it delivered to your door.
  • Avoid high shipping rate, with reasonable rates and the endless choice of shopping brands.
  • YPS maintain the Professionals international shipping. The Professionals’ shipping means the delivery process to the most stringent quality standards and secure.
  • It provides warehousing services to the main points in china, U.S., United Kingdom, and Netherlands. It prides itself on the valuable network of worldwide partners. With warehouses at all main points, you can be sure that It will meet your needs and your expectations by delivering the higher range of delivery at the international market.

Your Personal Shopper with the pleasure of the global shipping program, online shopping, and an amazing deal:

Personal Shopper feels happy to deliver highly quality products to all over the world destinations according to your instruction.  It is working on a method to be able to better find online shops then that ship at your doorstep. YPS feel proud itself on experience in global shipping, package consolidation, and customs documentation.

Global Shop and Ship Program

These days, online shopping and shipping trend is on the pick level. YPS is the best way out for worldwide online shop & shipping. The network allows you to buy efficiently on affordable shipping cost. It provides great shopping deals to worldwide costumers. It is cheaper, quicker, wonder and much more convenient way of shipping!

  • YPS ship all type products at very affordable shipping rate as comparing your purchase’s store. Shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout package depending on the weight of the products.
  • It brings your shopping at your doorstep, if your purchasing store does not provide the facility of shipping, it provide you virtual dresses for delivering the goods when you purchase the products.

Online shopping

As for worldwide shopping, Personal shopper loves to deliver your purchased products from around the world. It is providing you an international shopping service at good sound shipping rates that you would simply love.

Amazing deal!

It gives you an amazing  deal of worldwide shop and ship, for enjoy shopping all you need register online on our website. Once registered, you get personalized  virtual address when you’ll shop, it’ll deliver you to your living point at reasonable shipping rates.  YPS channel allows economically deliver the products with its distribution warehouses in Europe, China and the United States and other geographic areas.

Thanks for visit on YPS best shipping solution site.  YPS dedicated team always tries to make its customers happy!