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Shop International Brands Online Via Free International Shipping Address

Why wait any longer? Your Personal Shopper online membership allows you to shop worry-free from your favorite International Brands. We look forward to being your reliable international shipping company. We’re so confident with our low rates that encourage you to get a free estimate by using our shipping calculator (located on this page).

YPS is one of the best global shipping services that can deliver products worldwide. If you purchase any types of items we will help you with any required paperwork, special permits or packaging needs and deliver to your doorstep.

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Here are some of the ways we are able to keep our charges lower than other freight forwarders and shipping companies:

  • We secure special low rates from our courier partners Cpost, Omniva, PBT, OCS, Trans Royal, COURIER, KAAB, NEXT, iHTanm, and AIRBORNE because other companies charge high amount of global shipping.
  • We offer great delivery options that let you find the cheapest shipping rates to fit your needs.
  • We base our rates on package weight plus size.

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Are You Ready to Shop & Ship?

  1. Firstly all you need is a membership to instantly get your free international shipping address. Get a shipping address. Sign up with our easy online registration form and instantly get your own Virtual shipping Address.
  2. Start shopping. You can shop for top brands and deals at USA or UK retailers, then ship to your YPS address at checkout.
  3. Tell us how you want to ship & save. Choose from a variety of shipping methods and save BIG with YPS best package forward service.
  4. Get your goods fast and worry-free. Your purchases are delivered in just 3 to 12 business days, and Personal shopper online is there to help every step of the way! You can also track your shipments all the way. Thus YPS online network provides a high-value alternative at affordable rates. With your free international shipping address, you can now shop like a U.S. Or UK resident and enjoy premium international shipping services via PBT, OCS, Trans Royal etc.
  5. Many U.S. online stores only accept credit cards issued by U.S. banks. Simply use our use buy for me service and tell us what you want to buy – place your order with us and we’ll make the purchase on your behalf and notify you by email once the packages arrive at your virtual shipping address then we store, repack and consolidate your packages at your home address. So, use our suite of service to save on your international shipping!

How to Shop and Ship Safe internationally?

It’s never been cheaper or easier to do some international shop and ship from the comfort zone at your door step. Many online websites are taking advantage of the strong interest from foreign consumers and are offering very inexpensive, shopping and shipping from one country to another country.

How can you know which site is best to shop and ship? Whether you want to buy clothes, jewelry or , imported designer, there are some online sites that better than others. This is because they have built a reputation for themselves by offering high customer services and ensuring the best quality and these are the only ones you can trust. After all, these are the very vendors who have the most to lose their reputation due to customer service is questioned, or lack of quality results in bad publicity. To avoid these mistakes, carefully select the website or vendor you deal with to remove potential risk factors and ship confidently. But there is a lot of online stores offer delivery and returns but honestly, they charge so affordable cost that would encourage you to buy something from that site.

Shipping to the high-quality board brands are so adorable, it’s all about the online marketplace with the very latest chic products. Personal Shoppers sites are seriously big business and this fact has all now understood the importance of shop and ship at your doorstep. There are obvious benefits to online shop and ship;

  • If you want to shop and ship from worldwide brands. The sites help to shop what you like to buy from online stores and have it delivered to your door.
  • These sites maintain the Profession shopping and shipping. The Profession’s shipping means the delivery process to the most stringent quality standards and secure.

What do you think about this?

There is also so many great international shops sites but it is difficult to choose where to begin your online shopping that will easy ship you at your door step. The directory of shops is mostly based in the USA, UK, and Australia. They have built partnerships with some of the most well-known brands in the world in order to make international shopping and shipping easier but the foreign vendors sometimes do not ship internationally, if they do not, you can always take advantage of international shipping companies that offer customers a virtual shipping address that is acceptable for online merchants in Europe, Japan china, United Kingdom, and Netherlands and the USA, as well as with convenient shopping possibilities.

We go there where your international vendors do not ship!    

Need to ship internationally? Your Personal Shopper has a wide range of affordable shipment service options to all over the world.  It does everything that you help to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. You should take advantage of any opportunities that you can to save money with the shipping and packaging process. If you need help with your online shopping and shipping please get in touch.  It has the shipping solution for your every need.