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How to possible International shopping & Ship to the United Arab Emirates

Only Your Personal Shopper has the resources, dedication and global experience to make shipping from the USA or the UK consistently fast, reliable and affordable. We give our members access to thousands of foreign online stores and take the worry out of international shopping.

Your Personal Shopper online is originally conceived as a means for expatriates to deliver products overseas. This simple idea flourished and quickly grew into a pioneering global company that opened UK or USA retail channels to international shoppers. With YPS, you can shop almost any online US or UK retailer online—even the ones that don’t ship internationally—and we will re-ship to United Arab Emirates.

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Here’s how we work:

  • When you join, you will instantly receive a free virtual shipping address
  • Shop online at your favorite US or UK stores
  • Upon checkout, enter your new YPS virtual address as the “shipping address”
  • We receive your package in our warehouses and ship it to you in United Arab Emirates
  • Receive your merchandise in as fast as 3 to 12 business days!
  • Join today and become our next satisfied shopper.

Personal Shopper online takes the hassle out of international shipping and lets you shop for the merchandise you want, regardless of the stores’ shipping policies. We’re experts in our field, and members around the globe rely on us or UK for fast, cheap and reliable delivery.

We Ship USA or UK Products All Over United Arab Emirates!

Our members live around the globe, from the largest cities to the smallest towns. We can deliver your USA or UK merchandises no matter where you home:

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  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Al Ain
  • Ajman
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Fujairah
  • Umm al-Quwain

Even if your city or town isn’t on this list, chances are YPS can get your parcels to you. Join today and take advantage of economical shipping to you from the US.

What US or UK Stores Ship to United Arab Emirates When you’re an YPS Member? (Answer: Thousands!)

You can shop International Brands then we ship to our location. Start shopping for designer dresses, purses, toys, phones, computers, cameras and more at these popular online stores:

  • Forever 21 
  • BHFO
  • Gap
  • Paul Smith 
  • Lucky Brand 
  • Rue Lala
  • Hanes
  • Toms
  • Haute Look and much more!

Thus, wondering if you can send a specific item to United Arab Emirates from the USA or UK? Personal shopper online is here to help to fulfill all shipping requirements.

The Best Online Shopping Sites to Shop Smarter

Shopping has been modernized since the beginning of the internet. The internet has changed many things, marketing and advertising are the first, video and audio streaming, shopping, and an information source. The Internet has been used to minimize the time spent on certain things to Shop Smarter. Besides malls, shopping can also be done on the internet. Many of us have started their business not on some stalls or malls but on the internet, because with the internet, a business can have a wide selection of customers globally. The internet has made it easier for people to do Shop Smarter without the stress of going out.

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Shopping online made it easier for people that have a tight schedule with what they’re doing because with online shopping you just need to have a computer as well the internet. Online shops don’t only exist on the abroad but there is also some home country online shopping site because of the growing need for the online shop here in your local residence.

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Same as on the abroad, there are also many online shopping sites here international shopper can easily shop. Some online shops sell different kinds of things that can also be used as gifts such as the cellphone or mobile phones, entertainment appliances or other appliances. Many other online shopping sites sell many kinds or variety of things such as clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, home accessories and many other products for daily use. If you want more information on International shopping sites then scroll down. We are rounding up some international shopping sites where you can buy according to your desire.

  • Adorama (It is the best mishmash of huge selection, quality services, and competitive pricing.)
  • Isabella Oliver (It’s a really great shopping site to find cool stuff as it is, and it also do superb deals. The shop specifically appeal to a sense of style and products, you will like its gift section that bundles in very interesting products for fitness junkies, classy or pregnant lady etc. Sometimes, it gets hard to find a particular item because of so many products available.)
  • Alpine Stars (Alpine stars is a manufacturer of technical, high-performance protective gear for motorcycle and auto racing, as well as action sports such as Mountain Biking.)
  • Sony (Sony Offers cheap DVDs and CDs including a full range of the latest and greatest music, movies accessories. In addition, they sell various technology and related products, Tablets, Mobile Phones Computer, and Accessories.)
  • Adidas (Adidas Shop deals shoes, clothing, football, training, view new collections for running and much more.)
  • Hanes (The shop offers clothes for Kids, Men, and women at here. You can also buy Comfortable Socks, T-Shirts, Underwear, and much more.)
  • Nordstrom (All the time you can shop online shoes, clothing, jewelry, dresses, makeup and more from top brands.)
  • Marc Jacobs (Shop for women, men, and children, including wear clothing, beauty products, watches, fragrance, bags, accessories, and much more.)
  • Nordstrom (Nordstrom is an online clothing retailer where you will find cheap and trendy clothes. The assortment is great, offering the latest in women’s street fashion. There’s a wide range of stylish dresses, jewelry, tops, bottoms, and accessories.)
  • Griffin Technology (Griffin Technology is one of the largest online shop where you can find from mid-range and higher products. Products Categories: Travel, Sporting Goods, Mobile Phones & Communication, Computer, Tablets, and Accessories.)

International shopping at here Like a US or UK Resident

Gone is the frustration of being locked out of online stores due to the “say Sorry, that this item can’t be shipped to your selected address.” message. Gone are the days of estimating at worldwide shipping rates while you’re standing at the online store’s checkout counter. Why? Because there’s a Your Personal Shopper for international shopping and package forwarding services.

Our package sending services have been very effective at bridging gaps that online shoppers face around the world. But between buying products and having them shipped, a decent amount of money goes in forwarding those items to your destination. To instrument what this terrifying expanse is going to be, a package forwarding service, Your Personal Shopper launched a new integrating tool, called ‘YPS international Shopping& shipping service’ which offers to give affordable rates. This worldwide shipping model is at the moment available in Google Chrome. With personal shopper, you quickly get shipping models with the economical pricing structure. Sure, dozens of items you can buy from any online shop and we will forward them to you wherever you want.

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Our worldwide Shipping service won’t disappoint you. With this service, international shoppers can easily see the best global delivery solution that based on the lowest shipping cost. Rather than just forwarding every single package abroad, this unique service consolidates your items to the ideal number of boxes (taking into deliberation size, weight, and safety), and then shows you the lowest international shipping rates available for your optimized shipment. Worldwide users can enjoy potential savings on standard shipping rates. But let us take into account the benefits one by one:

Benefits of Your Personal shopper international shopping and Shipping service;

  • Costs of international shipping are enough to purchase online. Our worldwide Shipping service gives you all the information you need before you commit to purchasing your products, which puts you back in the driver’s seat.
  • We still frequently send shoppers several single packages even when products are purchased at the same time. When these boxes arrive at our warehouse, we are consolidated into the optimal shipping solution (based on size, weight and safety precautions). Therefore, rather than paying tones of money for multiple international shipments, users of the international shopping receive a consolidated shipment and save more on international shipping rates.
  • Online shoppers can have any international merchandise dispatched directly to their home address, no matter where they live in the world. YPS ships to almost anywhere in the world and currently reaches numerous countries.

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How Worldwide Shipping Works

Worldwide Shipping with Personal shopper is designed to give you access to all your favorite branded items, no matter where you live – no hassle, no excessive rates, just one all-in-one, safe service that you deserve. Ready to shop and ship it home?

  • Join the YPS Worldwide Shipping and indicate which country you would like to ship to (on the options page).
  • In seconds, we will conclude the best shipping solutions for your items and display all the available shipping methods for your consolidated packages.
  • To get entrance to these exclusive worldwide shipping rates, just signup for a free account at Personal shopper online and ship your items to the virtual shipping address that YPS has provided you. Once your items are shipped out of the store, they will reach your personal shopper facility where your items will yet again be consolidated in their secure warehouse and shipped via OCS, PBT, Trans Royal, Omniva, Cpost, KAAB etc.


  • You can track your forwarded delivery; just follow the tracking number which the team of YPS will give you. Additionally, you can also use the automated package tracking system within YPS that notifies when additional new shipping activity takes place. And then receive your purchases delivered directly to your doorstep!