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International Shipping addresses: Little Known Service Gets Online Global Shoppers Their Parcels

International shipping has been a problem ever since companies began selling their products on the internet. There are a few reasons for this. Companies get constrained with costs associated with shipping goods. Customs forms require additional costs — as does the extra reinforcement of shipping parcel in order to make a foreign or long-distant delivery. Then, there are the further packaging prices. And there is increased the risk of damage to the products being shipped, given the extensive handling of their parcels. Because of these risks and extra costs many companies have said “no to shipping” to customers living in other countries. So, for online shopping lover, there is a used of international shipping addresses as the global shopping solution. It is a service called parcel forwarding service.

The Solution: little-known international shipping service is making global shoppers smile. Recently, one of the largest corporation who does tremendous global business over the internet has developed global shipping programs based on the concept of this service. The concept is basically that the company ships its item to the service (or program) and the service (or program), in turn, ships the global customer his or her parcel. The end result is that global shoppers get their products internationally shipped to them. The corporation is known as a Your Personal Shopper.

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The world is full of people who love to buy foreign brand products, though. For them, the company is  being able to shop on the internet without being able to receive those items is like having one’s nose pressed up against a candy store window with the store owner shaking his head “no” in return. For those global shoppers who just know there’s got to be a way, they are right.

The rare global shipping program attached to the rare few companies that offer them are only aimed at international shipping in which includes Cpost, Omniva, PBT, OCS, Trans Royal, COURIER, KAAB, NEXT, iHTanm, and AIRBORNE. The Parcel forwarding or mail forwarding service has more to offer global shoppers, though, than just international shipping. YPS offer such perks as on memberships, free international shipping addresses, free concierge services (i.e. hand-delivery, shipment expediting), personal shopper service (i.e. finding a specific item, finding best deals on desired items) and assisted purchase (also known as cash-to-credit or PayPal) whereby the global shopper doesn’t even need a credit card or account because the service uses its own credentials to purchase for the shopper.

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In recent years, more people have begun to here of parcel forwarding, so thanks to the significant increase in online shopping and worldwide shipping. The internet has made it possible for people all over the world to have access to what shops offer. And with that has come the demand to fill the need to get these worldwide customers the products they love. Thus join us at Your Personal Shopper online to order or discuss our services.